Date Sunday 5th May 2019 - Times
Class 1 BD Intro B Juniors under 12
Time Horse Rider
0930 Lovings golden sovereign Kevin  Makey
0937 Robins Penny Farthing Bethany Williams
0942 Mockbegger Black Fly Courtney  Williams
0949 missus dolly marbles Miss E Baldwin
0956 Trowswell Sahira Oliver  Poinsignon
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Class 1 BD Intro C Seniors
1010 Dexter Louise Martin
1017 Spike Liane Richardson
1024 Deliberate Move Samantha Lawrance
1031 Island Breeze Lin Adams
1038 Boo Crescent  Moore
1045 Linzgarth Crusader of Hope Caryll Overy
1052 Gypsy Blue Jan Wood
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Class 1A Intro to canter 2017
1115 Sprite Sarah Schildkamp
1122 Promise of Spring Rea Mitchell
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Class 2A Test : Prelim 7
Time Horse Rider
1145 Island Breeze Lin Adams
1152 Boo Crescent  Moore
1159 Templedruid Getz Caryll Overy
1206 Leafycroft Masterpiece Carlos Nomikos
1213 Spike Liane Richardson
1220 Clyrohill Charlie O Sharon  Overington
1227 FL Baykal Anita Nomikos
1234 Clooneen Claudia Andi  Orchard-Potter
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Class 2b/c Prelim 18
1250 Templedruid Getz Caryll Overy
1257 Nanny Plum Sarah Dove
1304 Winmark Tommy Gemma  Casburn
1311 bento tina cook
1318 Love Actually Nicky  Butcher
1325 Seapatrick Hamish Lauren Howgego
1332 Alfie Moon Amanda Bazley
1339 Ray Ward Marjorie Enright
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Class 3 Test : Novice 30
Time Horse Rider
1355 Winmark Tommy Gemma  Casburn
1402 Celtic Jo Chambers
1409 Chock a Block Sarah Parkes
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Class 4 Test: Elementary 50
1425 Celtic Jo Chambers
1432 Bowerbrook Taryn Belle Dawn Wattis
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Class 5 Test: Medium Level 63
1450 Bowerbrook Taryn Belle Dawn Wattis
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Class 5 Adv Med 93 Horse Name
1500 Sway  molly moon Valerie  Hall