14th Jan                  Winter Dressage Series                                 Brinsbury

14th Jan                    Clear Round Jumping                                  Brinsbury

26th Jan                     AGM                                                   Patching Village Hall

10th Feb                 Area Winter  SJ  qualifiers                             Pyecombe

17th Feb                 Area Winter novice Dressage Qualifier           Pyecombe

18th Feb                Winter Dressage Series                                Brinsbury

18th Feb                  Clear Round Jumping                                  Brinsbury

23rd Feb                           Tack Sale   (CANCELLED)                                       Village Hall

24th Feb           Working Equitation Training                             Wanley 

 2nd Mar               Area quiz night                         Dial Post village hall

17th Mar         Working Equitation Training (Postponed)              Wanley 

17th Mar        Area  Winter intermediate dressage QUALIFIER       Pyecombe

25th Mar                Winter Dressage Series                                 Brinsbury

25th Mar                Clear Round Jumping                                    Brinsbury

1st April                Team Dressage training Yvonne Huber         Bridge House

14th Apr           Working Equitation Training                         Wanley 

15th April              Horse Agility Clinic                  Brinsbury

14th/15th April BRC Novice Winter Championships Arena UK Grantham NG32 2EF

16th April              Mechanical Horse Clinic                                             Hartfield

21st April           Rachael Cargill SJ clinic CANCELLED DUE LOI       Brinsbury 

22nd April       GDRC Winter Dressage Series Championship      Brinsbury

22nd April              Clear Round Jumping                                     Brinsbury

27th April             Quiz night                                   Clapham village hall

27th/29th April   BRC Intermediate Winter Championship     Bury Farm LU7 9BT

12th May                Dressage Clinic with Yvonne Huber             Bridge House

13th May                 In Hand Horse Show                              Castle Goring

19th May      GDRC Working Equitation training                    Wanley

19th/20th May         BRC Festival of the Horse             Aston-Le-Walls NN11 6RT

20th/21st May    South Eastern Region Unaffiliated Dressage Championship   Hickstead               

26th May        Biomechanics session with Amelia Wilbourn  Hartfield

26th May    xc clinic with Rachel Cargill                         Fairoaks

27th May                   Summer Dressage Series                            Brinsbury 

27th May                 Clear Round Jumping                                    Brinsbury

2nd/3rd Jun           Area Horsetrials                                            Coombelands

9th Jun                Working Equitation Training                         Wanley 

9th Jun               Rachael Cargill SJ Clinic                                  Brinsbury 

17th Jun             Area SJ/Style jumping Summer Qualifier       Castle Goring 

24th June                   Summer Dressage Series                          Brinsbury

24th June                Clear Round Jumping                                   Brinsbury

1st July                   SJXC                                                           Castle Goring

7th July             Area Summer Dressage & RT                         East Byshee

7th July           Working Equitation Course Training                 Wanley

15th July                       DTM                                                      Plumpton

15th July                    Open Showing Show  (cancelled)        Castle Goring

21st July                 xc clinic with Rachel Cargill                   Fairoaks

29th July          Hickstead Teams of 3                       Hickstead

5th Aug                     Summer Dressage Series                       Brinsbury

5th Aug                  Clear Round Jumping                               Brinsbury

3rd/5th Aug          BRC Horse Trials                         Swallcliffe Park OX15 5EX

12th Aug            Rodd Brickwork SJXC     Cancelled               Castle Goring

18th August      Working Equitation Competition Cancelled              Wanley

25th Aug            Rachel Cargill clinic            Brinsbury

1st/2nd Sept          BRC National Championships                  Lincoln LN2 2NA

2nd Sept     Sponsored Ride Worthing                             South Downs

9th Sept                   Rodd Brickwork SJXC                 Castle Goring

16th Sept               GDRC Summer Dressage                              Brinsbury

13th-18Sept        Sunshine Tour                 Hickstead

16th Sept               Clear Round Jumping                                     Brinsbury

28th/30th Sept   BRC Dressage to Music                                Bury Farm LU7 9BT

29th Sept              BRC Quadrille Selection                             Bury Farm LU7 9B

29th Sept                  XC Clinic Fairoaks                                               Fairoaks

30th Sept          Open Showing & SJ Show                    Castle Goring 

13th Oct           Rachael Cargill SJ Clinic                                                Brinsbury 

14th Oct             L&SE Novice Championship              Bonfleur, Maidstone, ME17 4BD

20th Oct            Quadrille Final                                              Bury Farm LU7 9BT  

20th Oct           Biometrics Clinic                                 Hartfield

21st Oct       GDRC Summer Dressage Championship     Brinsbury

21st Oct               Clear Round Jumping                                       Brinsbury

21st Oct             Area DTM L&SE Championship           SANDS FARM.RH12 3SQ

2nd Nov             Tack Sale                                              Clapham Village Hall

3rd Nov               GDRC Arena Eventing.                      Brendons Pyecombe

TBA Dec            Quiz Night                                                      Village Hall


10th Nov        BRC  QUALIFIER ARENA EVENTING                      Pyecombe

25th Nov               GDRC Winter Dressage                                  Brinsbury

25th Nov               Clear Round Jumping                                     Brinsbury


9th/10th March  Arena Eventing Championship Washbrook Farm, Aston-le-Walls, NN11 6RT