GDRC online video dressage.
Ride the test at home whilst being videoed. Send it in and it will be judged by a BD listed judge. Results will then be posted on our website and Facebook page. Rosettes to 6th place and all score sheets will be posted to you.
Test must be filmed at ‘C'
Rider (or videographer) must state name of rider, horse, and class entered at beginning of video.
Rider must wear normal clothing (e.g. not show gear) to prove it’s been videoed at home and not a competition.
Enter on our website ( and send entries in between 8th and 22nd March. We will then send you a dropbox email from which you click on the link to upload your video. See our FB page for a step by step guide or contact Lisa if you have any problems or questions ( You will receive email confirmation of your upload.
Entry fee per test- £12 members £15 Non members
Practice the test as many times as you want and send in your best video.
No travelling- with the current equine flu many competitions are either cancelled or restricted.
Can be filmed inside or outside.
Does not have to be a 'true' arena as long as markers are clearly shown.
2 weeks in which to film your test so you don’t have to ride in the rain!

Class 1 Age 12 and under “Have a go at Dressage “ can be lead rein. British Dressage Intro A(2008) Walk & Trot. (State age on application)
Class 2 W&T BD Intro B(2009)
Class 3A - Prelim 1(2006) Open to Prelim beginners and young horses.

Class 3B – Prelim 18 (2002)rev 2016 Open to all

Class 3C – Prelim 13 (2006)rev 2016 Open to all

Class 4 – Novice 34 (2009)rev 2016

Class 5 – Pick a test Elementary 42 (2008) - Medium 71(2002) - Adv Medium 90 (2012)
Enter online at