GDRC Online Virtual Dressage
GDRC is launching an Online Dressage competition
Rules of the competition.
1. Enter the competition on in the class you wish to compete in.
2. You will have from 10th to 24th January to video your test on a surface or grass.
3. Set out a 20 x 40 test arena with clear boundary markers
4. Video your test from C. At the start please clearly state your name, your horses name and the test you are riding
5. Standard Riding gear must be worn, not show gear but up to you. No wellies or trainers
6. Tack must conform to BD rules. No martingales etc.
7. When happy with your video send it via WhatsApp to David Beer 0740 2307957 or Jill Yates 07847 245907 by 25th January
8. Your test will then be sent to a BD judge for marking and a test sheet will be filled out for you.
9. When all sheets are received back from the judge placings in each class will be posted and rosettes awarded in each class from 1st to 6th.
10. Sheets and rosettes will be mailed out to competitors
Entry fees will be £8 for GDRC members and £10 for non-members
Class 1 W&T BD Intro A for Juniors Under 17’s.
Class 2 W&T BD Intro A for Seniors
Class 3 Prelim 7
Class 4 Novice 34
Class 5 Elementary 50
Enter at GDRC Events