Welcome to Goring & District Riding Club, a popular and friendly club based in the Worthing and surrounding areas.

What We Do 

We run many different Events throughout the year, for all standards of riding and all ages. We hold several Shows and offer lots of training opportunities too! 

Throughout the Summer and Winter seasons we run a Dressage Series at Brinsbury College. In the Autumn we hold a SJXC at Castle Goring and twice a year we run Arena Eventing at Pyecombe.  Plus Clear Round evenings throughout the Summer. GDRC is also leading from the front with the introduction of Working Equitation in the UK.. For 2019 we are introducing Online Video Dressage and Trec Non-riding Events are often held at Patching Village Hall and include lectures, tack sales and quizzes.

Training Clinics for are organised for all abilities using qualified Instructors and Trainers; we try our best to provide the training opportunities that our Members request.

We're very proud of our Senior and Junior Teams whom have been very successful in all equestrian disciplines at both Area and National level.  We try to find a Team place for everyone that would like to represent GDRC and endeavour to sponsor the entries wherever possible

We welcome new members, and are always listening to any new ideas all our Members have.
Any enquiries, please contact our Club Secretary David Beer on 0740 2307957

See our list of events for 2019 0n the Events Page

Our next events

GDRC Rachel Cargill Cross Country Clinic

Saturday, 20 April 2019 at 10:00
Petworth Schooling Course, Horsham Road, GU28 0HB
This clinic is open to members and non members.
£30 members
£35 non members
With stunning views, ample parking and a variety of cross country jumps from 60-90cms, so hopefully something for everyone. There is a water feature and a 400m grass gallop track too.
If you would like to book a space please comment below or email me, jilldashyates@gmail.com with your required height
Hope to see you there


See Events for full infomation and Enter Events to send in your entry



Sunday 12th May 2019
Brinsbury Equine Campus, Pulborough RH20 1DL

Members £15 per class (pairs £25)
Non members £18 per class (pairs £30)

Enter online at http://www.gdrc.co.uk/events/ Later today
Entries close Thursday 9th May 2019
Times will be posted on FB & GDRC website Friday 10th May PM.

ALL enquiries to Lisa Hilder- 07813171155, tallulah.hill@ntlworld.com


1. In-hand. Open to all. Suitable for first timers and beginners. Shortened MA (control of paces) which will be judged in slow trot and fast walk. Handlers must wear a hard hat (conforming to rules section below), sensible footwear and gloves. Equines may wear a bridle or controller type headcollar. A schooling whip may be carried in this class only.
2. Starters. Suitable for first timers and beginners. Open to riders not to have been placed in any arena trec classes. MA (control of paces judged in slow canter, fast walk) PTV obstacles equivalent to level one.
3. Newcomers. Suitable for beginners. Open to riders not to have been placed in two or more arena trec classes. PTV obstacles equivalent to level one.
4. Pairs. Open to all. 1st horse and rider performs the MA in canter and all obstacles, 2nd horse and rider performs all obstacles and MA in walk. 
5. Intermediate. (if sufficient entries) Horse and rider combination not to have been placed 1st in three or more intermediate classes, or to have won twice in any open class. PTV obstacles equivalent to level 1/2.
General rules and conditions

Rules as per the Trec GB rule book (available to download from TrecGB.com
1. Competition is open to all equines (horses, ponies, mules, donkeys etc) over the age of 4 years of age.
2. Riders any age; juniors may ride horses and seniors may ride ponies.
3. Hard hats MUST conform to the standard recommended by the BHS (PAS 015 or ASTMF 1163 and bearing kite mark or SEI) chinstraps MUST be fastened.
4. Riders may choose to wear a body protector or air jacket during any phase of the competition.
5. Tack and dress informal but safe and sensible. Sensible footwear MUST be worn.
6. Standing martingales and other fixed reins are forbidden. If a running martingale is worn the horse must be led from a headcollar and lead rope for led PTV obstacles.
7. Whips must not exceed 75cm (except class one where a schooling whip is permitted). Spurs, if worn, must be rounded and not exceed 3.5cm length and point downwards.
8. The judges and officials decision is final. Uncorrected error on the PTV course will result in ZERO score for the PTV.
9. Elimination may result for the following reasons, and subject to the judge’s decision- excessive use of the whip, abusive language, dangerous riding.
10. No horse or pony etc may compete more than once per class.
11. No dogs are allowed on site. Please do NOT bring your dog!
12. No equine to be tied up outside and left unattended.

*PLEASE NOTE- Passports MUST be presented to the secretary/ official before unloading your horse/pony. Please check our website/ FB page for up to date information regarding Equine Flu prior to attending the event*

This is a fun, welcoming event and help will be provided to first timers. Come and have a go!