Welcome to Goring & District Riding Club, a popular and friendly club based in the Worthing and surrounding areas.

What We Do1 

We run many different Events throughout the year, for all standards of riding and all ages. We hold several Shows and offer lots of training opportunities too! 

Throughout the Summer and Winter seasons we run a Dressage Series at Wanley House, Fontwell. In the Autumn we hold a SJXC and a Hunter Trial at Titnore Lane, Goring.  Plus Clear Round evenings throughout the Summer. Non-riding Events are often held at Patching Village Hall and include lectures, tack sales and quizzes.

Training Clinics for are organised for all abilities using qualified Instructors and Trainers; we try our best to provide the training opportunities that our Members request.

We're very proud of our Senior and Junior Teams whom have been very successful in all equestrian disciplines at both Area and National level.  We try to find a Team place for everyone that would like to represent GDRC and endeavour to sponsor the entries wherever possible

We welcome new members, and are always listening to any new ideas all our Members have.
Any enquiries, please contact our Club Secretary David Beer on 0740 2307957

Our next events

GDRC - Dressage to Music


GDRC are bringing Dressage to Music(DTM) to grass roots level and are introducing a series of competitions aimed at Walk & Trot and Prelim. In the past the problem has been getting the music ready to ride to but we have found an inexpensive way of doing this that will also include your floor plan. Don't worry about your horses paces the music can be purchased for 13hh-15hh and 17hh horses.

Let me tell you about costs to get into DTM. Music and floor plans with choices of music from Abba to Queen, American TV themes to Classical music will cost £35. For this you get a fully prepared CD timed for the test your are entering and the floor plan showing changes of pace. You would also have to become a member of British Dressage music membership to protect copyright on the music. This costs £30 a year. Your only other requirement is a class entry fee and of course a horse.


Haven't you always wanted to ride to music? Now you can at W&T and Prelim level.


GDRC will be holding the first competition on 17th May at Wanley House with classes in W&T, Prelim and Novice. A specialist DTM judge will be in attendance. This leaves you plenty of time to get your license and music and practice.


If you have ANY queries or need to order music please contact me at davidcbeer@fastmail.fm or telephone me on 0740 2307957

See our list of events for 2015 0n the Events Page

Sunday      22nd March 2015

Class 1         GDRC Walk & Trot 2015 20x40
Class 1a       GDRC Intro to Canter 2014  20x40

Class 2a        Prelim 12 (2005)           20x40

Class 2b        Prelim 12 (2005)          20x40

Class 3          Novice 30 (2006)          20x40

Class 4          Elementary 43 (2006)  20x60

Class 5          Medium Level 75(2002) 20x60

Judge     Thelma Russell-Hayes    

GDRC FLATWORK/DRESSAGE CLINIC Friday 27th February at Wanley House near Fontwell.
Paulo Santos and Georgia Shone will be holding hour long sessions for 1 of 2 horses. Cost is £40 per session for 1 to 1 sessions for members or £45 per session ...for non members. £30 per horse for 2 horse sessions or £35 per horse for non members.
Payment will be invoiced in advance so please PM me with your email address to facilitate this. Entry can be made and paid for at www.gdrc.co.uk and you can join GDRC on the website to take advantage of the member discounts.
Entries will close on 13th February as flights from Portugal have to be booked.
0900....Charlotte Baxter + 1
1000....Georgia Shone
1100....Val Hall
space available
1200....Frances Sedgewick
space available
1300....Jenny Fox 1to1
1400....Amy Newman
?...........Space available
1500....Georgia Shone
1600....Georgia Shone

GDRC 85cm team at Hickstead 2014

Millie Committee Dog

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