Welcome to Goring & District Riding Club, a popular and friendly club based in the Worthing and surrounding areas.

What We Do1 

We run many different Events throughout the year, for all standards of riding and all ages. We hold several Shows and offer lots of training opportunities too! 

Throughout the Summer and Winter seasons we run a Dressage Series at Wanley House, Fontwell. In the Autumn we hold a SJXC and a Hunter Trial at Titnore Lane, Goring.  Plus Clear Round evenings throughout the Summer. Non-riding Events are often held at Patching Village Hall and include lectures, tack sales and quizzes.

Training Clinics for are organised for all abilities using qualified Instructors and Trainers; we try our best to provide the training opportunities that our Members request.

We're very proud of our Senior and Junior Teams whom have been very successful in all equestrian disciplines at both Area and National level.  We try to find a Team place for everyone that would like to represent GDRC and endeavour to sponsor the entries wherever possible

We welcome new members, and are always listening to any new ideas all our Members have.
Any enquiries, please contact our Club Secretary David Beer on 0740 2307957

Our next events

See our list of events for 2015 0n the Events Page

GDRC AGM-23rd January at Clapham and Patching Village Hall. Doors open at 1900 meeting starts at 1930. All welcome and there will be a presentation to our 2014 trophy winners. Light refreshments to follow.

Sunday      1st February 2015         

Class 1          BD Intro B Walk & Trot  20x40
Class 1a        GDRC Intro to Canter 2014 20x40

Class 2a         Prelim 1 (2006)             20x40

Class 2b         Prelim 13 (2006)            20x40

Class 3           Novice 28 (2008)         20x40

Class 4           Elementary 49 (2009) 20x40

Class 5           Medium Level 63(2002) 20x40

Class 6 Pick a test 20x60 Prelim 19(2008)

                                 20x60 Elementary 40(2010)

Judge     Vicky Strange(Edmonds)

GDRC Dressage Clinic. With the Area qualifiers coming up this is your opportunity to pick up some hints and tips from a listed BD judge. Yvonne Huber will be holding a clinic at Wanley House on Saturday 7th February 2015.
One hour sessions max 2 horses per session. Cost is £25 a person for members and £30 for non-members. Payment will be in advance either by entry at www.gdrc.co or if you PM me your email address I will invoice you.
You can ride a test if you want too and Yvonne will give an honest appraisal. Or she will look at your riding and give you hints and tips to gain those extra dressage points.

Sunday    22nd February 2015         

Class 1          GDRC Walk & Trot 2014 20x40
Class 1a        GDRC Intro to Canter 2014 20x40

Class 2a         Prelim 18(2002)  20x40

Class 2b         Prelim 18(2002)  20x40

Class 3           Novice 24( 2010) 20x40

Class 4           Elementary 57(2007)  20x60

Class 5           Medium Level 73(2007) 20x60

Judge        Thelma Russell-Hayes 


GDRC W&T 2014 for 22nd February competition

1 AC Enter at working trot. Proceed down center line without halting.Track left

2 E ½ Circle left 20 meters diameter to B in working trot
3 M Transition to medium walk
MCH Medium walk

4 HB Free walk on a long rein
5 Before F Transition to medium walk
F Halt immobility 4 seconds, proceed in medium walk

6 A Working trot
E ½ Circle right 20 meters diameter to B in working trot

7 BFAK Working trot
K Transition to medium walk

8 E Turn right
X Halt immobility 4 seconds proceed at medium walk
B Track left

9 M Working trot
HXF Change rein at working trot

10 A Down centre line
X Medium walk

11 G Halt, Immobility 4 seconds, salute



GDRC FLATWORK/DRESSAGE CLINIC Friday 27th February at Wanley House near Fontwell.
Paulo Santos and Georgia Shone will be holding hour long sessions for 1 of 2 horses. Cost is £40 per session for 1 to 1 sessions for members or £45 per session ...for non members. £30 per horse for 2 horse sessions or £35 per horse for non members.
Payment will be invoiced in advance so please PM me with your email address to facilitate this. Entry can be made and paid for at www.gdrc.co.uk and you can join GDRC on the website to take advantage of the member discounts.
Entries will close on 13th February as flights from Portugal have to be booked.
0900....space available
1000....space available
1100....Val Hall
             space available
1200....space available
1300....space available
1400....space available
1500....space available
1600....space available

GDRC 85cm team at Hickstead 2014

Millie Committee Dog

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