Welcome to Goring & District Riding Club, a popular and friendly club based in the Worthing and surrounding areas.

What We Do 

We run many different Events throughout the year, for all standards of riding and all ages. We hold several Shows and offer lots of training opportunities too! 

Throughout the Summer and Winter seasons we run a Dressage Series at Brinsbury College & Sands Farm. In the Autumn we hold a number of SJXC at Castle Goring and run Arena Eventing at Pyecombe.  Plus Clear Round Jumping at most of our Dressage events. Non-riding Events are often held at Patching Village Hall and include lectures, tack sales and quizzes.

Training Clinics for are organised for all abilities using qualified Instructors and Trainers; we try our best to provide the training opportunities that our Members request.

We're very proud of our Senior and Junior Teams whom have been very successful in all equestrian disciplines at both Area and National level.  We try to find a Team place for everyone that would like to represent GDRC and endeavour to sponsor the entries wherever possibleW. We welcome new members, and are always listening to any new ideas all our Members have.Any enquiries, please contact our Club Manager David Beer on 0740 2307957

Chairman’s review of 2020.


Well, what a year ! A year where we never thought that we would be severely restricted from doing what, a lot of us, like to do to keep the Club moving forwards. When the Covid pandemic started in February of 2020 we only had run a couple of ‘normal’ Dressage events, but, then, with all restrictions that were put in place to make events viable enough we still managed, when allowed, to organise two SJXC events and also some Dressage events. I think you all know what those restrictions were, and, I would like to thank everyone that made it possible to successfully run the events that we did. We needed the help of a lot more people than usual to run these events, and, as always, we managed very well.

I would like to thank the rest of the committee for the effort that was put in, in the last year, to keep the Club going. It has been a really trying year, but, we have survived to carry on, and, hopefully 2021 will be a lot easier, and, we can get back to organising the events that we can when restrictions are lifted.  My special thanks go to Jill and David, who, with myself, have had to deal with Riding Clubs Office  with the many problems that occurred throughout the year. We did manage to come to come to an agreement and we are at present remaining as an Affiliated  Riding Club.

Thankyou also to Mr Clem Somerset for the use of Castle Goring, as, we had the space available to put in all the requirements that were needed to run the SJXC.

Finally, thankyou to you, the members, that helped the Club through this very difficult year. I look forward to seeing as many of you in the coming months when we can, hopefully, we can organise some events.

Until then. Keep safe.


(Jim)  James Lee. Chairman of Goring and District Riding Club.

GDRC Accounts from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020

                        Opening Balance                         65


                                                                    2020                 2019

Shows & Clinics                                      355                    3246        

Dressage                                                    750                   5155     

Teams Entries                                          429                    593     

Membership                                            1063                   2208      

Sponsorship                                            1815                 2600      

Indoor events                                             62                   192                                                         Clear Round Jumping                           150                   698                                                                        

Total income                        4624       14711

Expenditure                                              2020                    2019

Teams Entries                                           306                      632

 Rosettes                                                       595                     1850

Paramedics                                                    0                       380

Trophies                                                          25                      115

Advertising inc Schedules                       92                      286

Stationery                                                       81                    242

Hosting Fees/IT consumables               357                    377

Misc Expenses inc Judges Fees             100                   1465

Training (inc Instructors fees)              180                   2548

Equipment Hire                                           200                    550

Hall & Field hire                                          885                   4562

Subscriptions inc Club Insurance       1250                  980             

Refreshments                                                169                  546

Total Expenditure                      4240               15112                                     

TOTAL for 2020                     449         Closing Balance 514                                               (balance without Sport England Funding of £1250 =Minus £801

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