GDRC 2021 Schedule



24th Jan.      GDRC Dressage                                       Brinsbury

30th Jan       Area Winter Novice Dressage                   Sands Farm

31st Jan         Area Winter Intermediate Dressage       Sands Farm

21st Feb.           GDRC Dressage & CR Jumping                           Brinsbury

28th Feb          Area Winter Show Jumping Novice & Intermediate      Sands Farm

14th March.  GDRC Dressage & CR Jumping.              Brinsbury

13th 14th March Arena Eventing Championship  Ashton-le-Walls

26th-29th March Novice Winter Championships 2020, 2021 and Intermediate Winter Championships 2020                                                     Arena UK

28th March     Combined Training                                Ferring TBC

?? April              Pony Club XC                                         Arundel

18th April.          GDRC Dressage & CR Jumping.                    Brinsbury

23rd-25th April     Intermediate Winter Championship          Bury Farm

16th May                Spring Show (In Hand/Ridden)               Castle Goring TBC

22nd-23rd May      Combined Training Championship            Ashton-Le-Walls

23rd May                   SJXC                                                       Castle Goring TBC

30th May                GDRC Dressage & CR Jumping.                    Brinsbury TBC

6th June              Combined Training                                                Ferring TBC

20th June                SJXC                                                         Castle Goring TBC

27th June                 GDRC Dressage & CR Jumping.                    Brinsbury TBC

4th July                   Open Showing Show                                       Castle Goring TBC

18th July                   SJXC                                                        Castle Goring TBC

25th July               GDRC Dressage & CR Jumping.                    Brinsbury TBC

End July                  Hickstead Teams of 3                                     Hickstead

8th Aug                       Combined training                                   Ferring TBC

6th-8th August       Horse Trials                                                        Swalcliffe Park

22ND Aug               GDRC Dressage & CR Jumping.           Brinsbury TBC

5th Sept                                 SJXC                                                     Castle Goring

4th-5th Sept     National Championships                        Lincolnshire

12TH Sept                GDRC Dressage & CR Jumping.           Brinsbury TBC

16TH – 19TH Sept TBC     Sunshine Tour Championship          Hickstead

1st-3rd Oct TBC        DTM & Quadrille                               Addington

1ST Oct                                      Tack Sale                               Village Hall

17TH Oct                    GDRC Dressage & CR Jumping.           Brinsbury TBC

Nov???? TBA          Arena Eventing                                          Pyecombe

21ST Nov                   GDRC Dressage & CR Jumping.           Brinsbury TBC