2017 AGM Trophy Winners

Polly Flinders Senior Attendance Shield- Nicky Butcher
Hac and Tac Junior Attendance Shield- Courtney Williams
Douglas Fox Memorial Trophy-Most improved Senior- Graeme Burton
The Horses Head-Most Enthusiastic Member- Pat Parris
The GDRC Supporters Trophy-Helper of the Year - Danielle Lee

Most Improved Dressage Senior- Caroline Hannam
The GDRC Senior Club Member of the year - Terri Yates
The GDRC Junior Club Member of the year- Xaria Overy
The GDRC Non Members Helper Shield- Heather Rawlinson-Jones
GDRC Show-Jumper of the Year- Amelia Jarrett
Most Improved Dressage Junior -Xaria Overy
John Stewart Memorial Trophy-Most Improved Junior - Amy Little


GDRC Prize giving Helpers of the Year 2017

1st - Danielle Lee

2nd - Terri Yates

3rd - Woody


A small prize is also won by the rest of the top ten helpers. Please claim from Jill Yates at <jilldashyates@gmail.com>

Abigail Jeffrey

Heather Hopkins

Anna Powell

Jade Foster

Amelia Jeffrey

Jen Norris

Heather Rawlinson-Jones